Daniel Lalonde Takes 200 Flights Per Year for Louis Vuitton

Posted by: on Mar 18, 2009 | No Comments

daniel_lalondeI find it facinating to learn how other people travel and I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps because travel is innately a luxury — or at least it was before massive airline restrictions and cutbacks. But it does say a lot about a person: how they travel, how they pack, what they pack, and the amount of luggage they need. If anyone should know how to travel properly it must be the CEO of Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton was after all a pioneer in defining the art of travel.

Turns out Daniel Lalonde, president and CEO of Louis Vuitton North America, and I are very much alike in our travel habits. We both prefer to fly, and keep it to  one carry-on bag only (LV Keepall – natch). And, we don’t make small talk with our seatmate, instead opting to work or prepare in some manner for what lies at the destination. He trumps me though for number of flights per year at 200!

Read the full article: Executive Class: Daniel Lalonde from The Globe and Mail.