Cathy Horyn Talks With Valentino Film Director Matt Tyrnauer

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Emperor Valentino and his Terracotta Army

Emperor Valentino and his Terracotta Army

To accompany the clip I posted earlier of the new documentary, Valentino: The Last Emperor, you really must read Cathy Horyn’s candid discussion with director Matt Tyrnauer over on her blog at the New York Times. It is a fascinating glimpse into a massive creative process that unfolded over two years while the movie was filmed.

Here is an excerpt:

Cathy Horyn: During these TV interviews, have people seen the real Valentino? He’s very protective of his image. How did you get past that?

Matt Tyrnauer: That’s the thing, nobody ever sees the real Valentino. I told him before we started, “You’ve got to let loose a little bit and take a chance. Otherwise, you’ll seem over-privileged and unsympathetic and not human.” He didn’t want to hear it. He would listen to me for one second. I gave him the same talk, director to star, for a couple of years. You know, when Valentino and Giammetti first saw the movie they freaked out. They weren’t prepared. I had a contract that gave me final cut—a very hard-won contract. I wouldn’t have made the movie without it. I think it’s a warts-and-all portrait, but you see the warm soul of Valentino.

Doesn’t that just make you need to see this film?