Anna Wintour Live

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For all those fashonistas out there, hanging on to the every thought of Ms. Wintour, I give you the [twitter] transcript from her talk at the 92nd street Y. Brought to you by the Cut Blog on Twitter.

Note: for best results, read in reverse order (bottom to top)

  1. And with that, she calls it a night. With us anyway.


  2. She says fashion has a bright future. She handled PETA well, and joked, “As you see, fashion means different things to different people.”


  3. ALT was dragged to the Web kicking and screaming. Said he isn’t into the modern world. Now he digs blogging.


  4. Not so breaking news: plans to break from


  5. Her favorite cover is her first one. Surprised aren’t you?


  6. Q: Are you thinking about career changes? A: I’m mostly thinking about tomorrow.


  7. “I have the best job in the entire world.” Amen to that.


  8. “I’d like to spend more time with ambassador Rice. I’d like her at my next dinner party.”


  9. Fashion people come together in NYC like nowhere else. She cites Seventh on Sale, HIV awareness. Calls it touching and hard to describe. Aw.


  10. She says models have been important throughout history. Cites Egypt…?


  11. The world is too celeb crazy. Don’t people say Vogue is too celeb focused now? But wait, the next cover is…a model!


  12. She says there’s a sense that there are too many fashion shows during fashion week. Bryant Park ran its course and didn’t want the shows.


  13. Anna: Conde believes in excellence. There’s no pressure for changes from the biz side and they never make arrangements with advertising.


  14. She says some designers don’t get global warming and use more materials than needed. Wow, we had no idea Anna was so eco-conscious.


  15. Anna: Michelle understands that she can help the fashion industry.


  16. She thinks Michelle shows that you can be a strong, working woman without wearing a paper bag. Amen to that.


  17. The mag was honored when Michelle Obama agreed to do the cover.


  18. The Vogue reader now knows more about fashion than readers 25 years ago. Hmm could that be because…of the Web?


  19. Anna thinks there’s too much fashion info out there. It even confuses her! So the mag has to sort through it all.


  20. “The excess was overwhelming. Everyone is welcoming a sense of reality and responsibility.” Everyone = editors, photogs, and designers.


  21. “We had things easy for a very long time. Maybe not every woman needs 25 handbags. One might be good enough.” We don’t know, what about 5?


  22. But she does ask the price of every outfit that comes in. Editors are surprised by how pricey l’il sequined dresses are ($25,000?).


  23. Vogue should not turn into “recession weekly.” Quote of the night so far?


  24. Anna knows she may be a tough boss but employees learn from her and vice versa.


  25. Personalities like ALT are important to the mag. We so agree.


  26. She says she hires on instinct and looks for people who will disagree with her. Hear that job seekers?


  27. Ahh but Vogue IS a brand. The mag can’t be too far ahead of the curve or they’ll lose readers. She wants the mag to be constant like Coke.


  28. Anna says she is not a brand.


  29. PETA thrown out. That was quick, but fashion show security is quicker.


  30. Anna says fur is part of fashion so Vogue will continue to report on it. More applause.


  31. Someone yells, “I love you Anna!” Audience cheers. Wow, such drama.


  32. They’re chanting “Fur Shame!” They claim she skinned the animals alive? Ok Peta, whatever you say.


  33. OMG PETA just showed up. Called her a shame. Yelling. Is there no security?


  34. Anna is wearing a pretty black dress, yellow dress, and gold necklace. Seasonal!


  35. At the 92nd St. Y talk, waiting on Anna Wintour. High number of chic, elderly women in the crowd.