What is it about twenty-somethings?

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Twenty Art Show Calgary

As I walked through the opening of Twenty last Friday night, surrounded by artists and peers that could all claim to be part of Generation Y (or Gen Next, depending who you talk to), the show’s theme of “feelings, experiences, and paradoxes of being twenty” felt particularly relevant.

Twenty Art Show Calgary

Curated by Jaron Whittingham and Kenzie Housego (both also contributors), the show displays the varying takes on being twenty by twenty artists through a variety of media, from video art and sculpture to painting and drawing to mixed media. Being twenty is represented as a set of pen drawings of cheap beer cans, as a painting of a young girl’s screaming mouth, by a graffiti-style head with stars in its eyes, and as a fingerprint carved into wood. If this makes being twenty sound conflicting, contradictory, and a little out of this world, this seems to be what the show is counting on as it tackles what everyone and their parents seem to be asking: what is it about twenty-somethings?

Someone Make Sense Of It by Stephanie Wong

“Someone Make Sense Of It”
Water color
Stephanie Wong

Chatting with Housego next to her work — two framed canvases of found objects and collage art — I got the feeling that the show, despite the wide variety of artist styles and work, is a very personal one, motivated by a need to answer that question for herself and also get other artists that are caught-up in this coming of age to share their own answers. Because after all, one of the best parts of being twenty is that you’ll never have to go through it alone.

Adult Hood by Jarett Sitter“Adult Hood”
Acrylic on canvas
Jarett Sitter

Twenty is now showing at Resolution Art Gallery in Kensington.
233 10 Street NW, Calgary

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Steph Wong Ken is a writer and editor based in Calgary