The Art and Science of Cocktails from Renowned Bartender Tony Conigliaro

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Tony Conigliaro of Britain is a pioneer when it comes to mixology. In this video you can see how he experiments with creating new flavours in the lab above his bar, 69 Colebrooke Row in London England.

I would say a bar using modern scientific tools to achieve new flavors is definitely worth a visit. His cocktail menu looks amazing. The Rhubarb Gimlet created with homemade rhubarb cordial, stirred with Beefeater Gin and a grapefruit twist is is making my mouth water.

cocktail from 69 Colebrooke Row in London England

Sirocco, Pink peppercorn and flint vodka with grapefruit oils (left) ~ Dirty Martini, Olive Water, Beefeater Gin and Martini Extra Dry (centre) ~ La Rose, English Rose Garden Aromatics topped with Champagne (right)