Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

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Debuting for the first time this year in Hong Kong, Art Basel was established in 1970 in Basel, Switzerland by a group of gallery curators, with a primary purpose to emphasize the connection between art galleries, their artists, private collectors and public institutions. Recognized as the premier international art show, Art Basel’s expansion to Hong Kong this year has also cemented Hong Kong as the undeniable leader in Asia’s art community.

After attending both the opening night preview and the public viewing days, I was in awe at both the variety of galleries and visual art pieces that were on display. The exhibition took up two entire floors at the massive Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, presenting twelve decades of art history from Asia and the West. I could have easily spent many more hours observing and absorbing the thought-provoking paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, and video displays of the over 2,000 artists participating.

 Art Basel has also created a unique platform of cross-cultural exchanges for artists, gallerists, collectors, and visitors alike through their open discussions and presentations. These forums offer a further look into today’s modern art community for both art intellectuals and newcomers. With so much to partake in, I’m already eagerly anticipating next year’s edition of Art Basel.

Bernier/Eliades Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Bernier/Eliades MCH Messe Schweiz (Basel) AG Download High Res Image


Blum & Poe Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Blum & Poe


Galleria Continua Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Galleria Continua


Galerie Gmurzynska Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Galerie Gmurzynska


Tina Keng Gallery Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Tina Keng Gallery


 Timothy Taylor Gallery Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Timothy Taylor Gallery


Ota Fine Arts Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Ota Fine Arts


Marian Goodman Gallery Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Marian Goodman Gallery


Hakgojae Gallery Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Hakgojae Gallery


Tornabuoni Art Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Tornabuoni Art


David Zwirner Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | David Zwirner


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